Who We Are

International Network Systems has extensive experience in the global submarine fiber optic cable industry and the development of terrestrial fiber optic cable systems. We offer expertise in all aspects of submarine cable and terrestrial infrastructure system design, permitting and construction. International Network Systems has the ability to provide customers with full turnkey solutions or tailored solutions to meet individual needs and specification.

Marine Services

Our comprehensive understanding of both repeatered and non-repeatered submarine fiber optic cable systems allows us assist our clients through all phases of construction. Read more about our services.


Terrestrial Services

Terrestrial Services

We are experts in the design, engineering and construction of terrestrial fiber optic networks that support submarine fiber optic cable installations. Read more.

Field Services

We offer field services and representation in efforts to assist telecom owners with understanding the marine environment and the deployment of subsea fiber optic cable systems. Learn more.

Remote Work

International Network Systems has the experience and ability to meet the challenges associated with constructing both terrestrial and submarine cable systems in isolated regions of the world. Read More.


Having the unique ability to draw from years of field experience, International Network Systems provide technical solutions to all aspects of the installation process. View our projects.

Our Company

Founded upon the strong desire to provide reliable expertise for international telecommunications system owners, International Network Systems offers both terrestrial and submarine cable system owners and developers with quality construction services on a global basis. Learn about our expert and legal services.