Marine Services

International Network Systems has a comprehensive understanding of both repeatered and non-repeatered submarine fiber optic cable systems. We have the ability to provide system owners with full turn-key solutions or remedial works associated with existing fiber optic systems.

We have the ability to assist our clients through all phases of construction by offering the following services:

Site Surveys

During the initial planning phase of a project, selecting the proper landing location for the proposed system is paramount. International Network Systems specialists assist our clients in determining the best cable landing sites available and review the specific criteria required by our clients.

We offer the following services as part of the site survey:

  • Landing site identification
  • Outside plant route review & selection
  • Cable station land acquisition
  • Preliminary review of associated hazards
  • Location background information
  • Presence of existing obstructions / cable systems
  • Initial investigation into local fisheries which may impact the cable routing
Site Surveys

Desktop Studies

Upon completion of the site survey, typically a comprehensive Desktop Study is preformed.

Desktop Studies

The Desktop Study provides our client with a comprehensive report highlighting the following:  

  • Potential permit requirements
  • Location of existing cables or other potential obstructions
  • Tide/current data
  • Geophysical assessment of the landing locations and cable route
  • Historical weather data
  • Aerial and Nautical mapping identifying proposed cable routes
  • Verbal descriptions of the proposed cable routes which will be utilized during the permit process
  • Identification of local permit agencies
  • Initial cable specification proposals
  • Cost estimates for system construction
  • Other information that may be required

Marine Surveys

International Network Systems also offers full turn-key marine survey capabilities. Typically once the site survey and desktop study are completed, a detailed marine survey is preformed. As part of this service, the International Network Systems team, mobilizes to site and completes a detailed sidscan and multibeam survey of the seafloor. This mapping is critical in determining final cable route alignments and cable specifications.

Marine Surveys

Additionally International Network Systems offers the following services: 

  • Route Surveys
  • Sidescan sonar surveys
  • Multibeam surveys
  • Hazard site assessments
  • As-built surveys
Marine Surveys

Marine Installations

Upon completion of the site survey, desktop study and marine survey, International Network Systems provides our clients with full turn-key installation services.

Marine Installations

As part of this services offering, we have the ability to include: 

  • Cable procurement and delivery to site
  • Cable specifications
  • Development of route position lists
  • Coordination with permit authorities
  • Mobilization of cable installation equipment or vessels
  • Marine instalaltion services
  • Cable protection
  • Diver jet burial or plow burial
  • Detailed final as-builts
  • Other services as requested/required