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Leaders in Submarine Cable and Terrestrial Infrastructure Development & Consulting

Who We Are

For 25 years, International Network Systems (INS) has been a leader in the global submarine fiber optic cable industry and has contributed to the development of terrestrial fiber optic cable systems linking the globe.


With extensive global offshore and field experience, the INS team has the ability to provide our customers with full turnkey solutions, customized construction programs, or consultation services to meet specific project needs. Our team of seasoned professionals support major telecommunication companies and system providers throughout the world.


From new installations to emergency repairs, INS has a solution.

Our Global Services

Maritime Claim Consulting

Operating submarine cable systems is complex and can lead to insurance claims and legal issues regarding anchor strikes, fishing trawl accidents, or other system damage caused by maritime incidents. International Network Systems provides professional consulting services to assist clients with navigating the complexities of maritime claims associated with submarine cable incidents.

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Our Mission

INS strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction through honest business practices supported by extensive industry experience. We continue to be trusted partners to our clients throughout project lifecycles and beyond by providing personalized services on a global scale.


International Network Systems has 25 years of experience in the submarine cable industry. Our team has worked in some of the most remote regions of the world and in densely populated urban cities. Our extensive offshore and field experience is unique to the industry allowing the INS team to provide technical solutions across all stages of project installation and development regardless of geographic location.


Remote Work

International Network Systems has the experience, ability, and global presence to meet the challenges associated with constructing both terrestrial and submarine cable systems in isolated regions of the world. 

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