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25 Years of Experience Supporting the Submarine Cable Industry

International Network Systems has been supporting the undersea submarine cable industry for twenty-five years and have managed the design, engineering and construction of major submarine and terrestrial cable system throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific Islands and the Americas.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of submarine cable networks supported by extensive field experience. From marine installations, to terrestrial construction and modular cable landing stations, INS has a solution to meet the needs of your project.

Previous Work Locations

Recent Projects

Vancouver to Vancouver Island

Completed a full turnkey system inclusive of the initial desktop study, marine survey, permitting, directional drilling, civil construction, and marine installation for two submarine cable systems linking Vancouver with Bowen Island and Vancouver Island.

Vancouver, BC

Exxon Guyana

Completed the design, engineering and construction of a modular cable landing station, the associated site civil works, foundation construction and placement of the beach manhole.
Georgetown, Guyana

Exxon Newfoundland

Completed all terrestrial infrastructure associated with the Exxon Newfoundland submarine cable installation. Inclusive of directional drilling, cable station design, engineering & construction.
St. John’s, Newfoundland

Gulf Islands – British Columbia

Completed all civil works and marine operations associated with the Gulf Islands Submarine cable installation across Navy Channel and Active Pass. Vancouver, BC

Ottawa River

Completed directional drilling and marine installation of a fiber optic cable across the Ottawa River.

Ottawa, Canada

Kootenay Lake

Installation of submarine fiber optic cable across Kootenay Lake and all associated terrestrial infrastructure.
Kootenay, BC

Past Projects

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