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Design and Construction of Terrestrial Fiber Optic Networks


International Network Systems has extensive experience in the design, engineering and construction of terrestrial fiber optic networks that support submarine fiber optic cable installations.


Civil Construction

Paramount to the installation of a submarine fiber optic cable system is a reliable and robust terrestrial network.  INS has a comprehensive knowledge of the components associated with the development of terrestrial fiber optic networks. This gives INS the ability to provide our clients with customized solutions tailored to meet specific project specifications or requirements.

Civil Construction Services

  • Outside plant design, engineering and construction

  • Manhole, handhole, and cable vault supply and installation

  • Directional drilling

  • Terrestrial cable installation, splicing, and testing

  • Provision of submarine cable armor Protection(Split pipe / Uraduct)

  • Fronthaul construction

  • Innerduct / subduct installation

  • Terrestrial boring

  • Dark fiber lease agreements / procurement

  • Backhaul design and construction

  • Dry plant maintenance

  • Materials procurement and delivery

  • Other services as requested

Modular Cable Stations

International Network Systems, in conjunction with our partners, have the ability to provide our customers with customized modular cable landing stations built in the United States and shipped to site ready for deployment. The modular cable station concept reduces project risk by establishing fixed cost models and defined construction schedules. Whether your project is in the United States or a remote region of the world, INS can develop a solution that meets your project requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project. 


Terminal Station Services

  • Design, engineering, and construction of modular terminal stations

  • Site design inclusive of foundation, utilities, and property procurement

  • Installation of HVAC, fire suppression, alarms, battery plants, and other critical support functions

  • Logistics and transport of modular terminal stations

  • Installation of terminal gear and optical components

  • Other services as requested


Horizontal Directional Drilling

The landing of submarine cable systems on beaches and the foreshore is often discouraged by permitting authorities due to the potential environmental impact associated with excavating the beachfront. As an alternative to trenching and in efforts to expedite permit timelines, INS offers Horizontal Directional Drilling services to submarine cable system owners.

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